how to release anxiety

5 proven methods to relieve stress and tap into a steady sense of peace today

how to release anxiety by gabby bernstein only on audible

if you’re overwhelmed with stress and worry, you are not alone

In this audiobook, I’ll teach you simple tools you can use right now to release anxiety and tap into a steady sense of peace. Recorded at a live talk, How to Release Anxiety will help you reframe your fears by empowering you to see them differently.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Soothe yourself in minutes using 5 simple techniques
  • Understand what your anxiety really needs to be set free
  • Design a sleep routine to help you get more peaceful rest
  • Become a grounding presence for everyone around you

Using methods from Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, I will teach you how to hold a compassionate dialogue with your fears. I’ll also share experiential methods you can use to release anxiety anytime, anywhere, including EFT (tapping) and a heart-hold meditation.

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