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you are the guru

Let me support you as you listen to the book! On this page, you’ll find the resources I mention in You Are the Guru.

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you are the guru

free resources

free resources

breath of fire meditation

One of the greatest ways to bust through emotional blocks fast is with a breathing technique called Breath of Fire. It’s a rhythmic breath in and out the nose, with a fluttering of the diaphragm. On the inhale, your diaphragm extends; on the exhale, it releases. Once you get into a rhythm, you speed up the breath until it becomes Breath of Fire.

In this video, I show you how to practice breath of fire. It’s one of my favorite techniques for blasting through blocks!

free resources

safety, recovery, and mental health resources

If you’re in need of further therapeutic support, I have created a detailed resource for you.

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