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I’ll help you manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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It’s my mission to unlock your highest potential

Gabby Bernstein in a folding chair looking back over her shoulder toward the camera.

I was my own first student. Navigating addiction and trauma recovery, I strengthened my spiritual connection—one day at a time—and developed methods to create a life greater than I could have imagined.

gabby coaching gabby coaching

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I’ll be your coach — anytime, anywhere

My new gabby coaching app makes personal growth easy to access. Get weekly lessons, guided meditations and quarterly challenges to attract your desires and live with an unshakeable sense of inner peace.

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spiritual guidance, straight talk, and transformational methods to change your life

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millions of
readers and listeners worldwide

A thought leader from the next generation of soulful thinkers

Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday”

A new role model for women well versed in self-help and spirituality

New York Times

Gabby shows us how to attract and create the life you want by just letting go

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