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spiritual practices that will quickly change your life

In my decades of spiritual development, you can imagine that I have tried a lot of different practices, rituals and exercises. Some stuck, some didn’t. 

I want to share the ones that stuck—the ones that are the foundational, transformative practices that I still rely on today. 

Spirituality seems intimidating and complicated, but it can be as simple as closing your eyes and asking a force greater than you for a little guidance. That’s it. That’s a spiritual practice.

I’ve got more. 

why we all need spiritual practices 

There’s immense power in inviting cosmic support into our lives. By merely asking, we acknowledge a presence more significant than our ego-driven selves. Because asking requires admitting, “I don’t know the way, but I trust that something greater does.”

Take, for example, how many billions of people from different backgrounds and cultures around the world pray when they’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or hopeless. It’s universal.

Trust me on this: You don’t need to remember any complicated incantations. Instead, allow your heart to guide you.

The more you surrender through prayer and other spiritual practices, the more you tap into that boundless reservoir of universal support.


tried and true spiritual practices 

Spiritual practice 1

listen through stillness

Once you’ve opened your heart and asked for guidance, the next step is to listen.

How? By stilling the mind through meditation. It’s in these quiet, devotional spaces that we find (or hear) the answers we’re seeking. 

Spiritual practice 2

live in joy and wonder

The teachings in A Course in Miracles present an extraordinary way of being in the world. A state referred to as “the happy dream” suggests a mode of living where we’re not just passing by but are truly present, taking in the wonder and glory of each moment. It insists on looking at life through a happier lens as much as possible. Try it out.

in this episode I’ll share:

  • How I try to cultivate kindness in real time 
  • The simple foundational practices I rely on most 
  • Why stillness is such an important state to master 
  • The one spiritual practice I never skip

There is no getting around how challenging life is. But it’s very possible to transmute those challenges into learning experiences that deepen our spiritual connection. 

weekly card reading

The more I honor my inner light, the more I brighten the world. I choose to shine.

It’s no secret that the world needs all the lightworkers and light shiners it can get. 

Looking at this card pull, I feel called to quote a passage from A Course in Miracles:
“The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. Nothing you understand is fearful. It is only in darkness and in ignorance that you perceive the frightening, and shrink away from it to further darkness. And yet it is only the hidden that can terrify, not for what it is, but for its hiddenness.” How profound is that?

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