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how to have a money mindset

You can have a quantum shift in your money mindset. This episode of the Dear Gabby podcast will teach you the 3 blocks to abundance—and how to bust through them. 

But first, let’s get real. It’s 2022, and there is financial upheaval in the world. We’re dealing with inflation, shrinkflation and rumors of a pending recession. I’m not immune to these issues, and I would never tell you that they aren’t real. 

However, there is great power in shifting your money mindset. (Your money mindset is your core beliefs about money.) No matter what’s happening in the world, you can change your mindset to manifest abundance. This Dear Gabby will show you how. 

shifting your money mindset

One of the biggest blocks to our Super Attractor power is our money mindset. I know this from my own experience! 

I grew up feeling financially insecure. I lived in an affluent town where people drove fancy cars and belonged to country clubs. But my family was just trying to get by. For years, I felt like I was inadequate because I wasn’t wealthy. 

In my early 20s, I was able to turn my money mindset around. It wasn’t because I learned how to make money. Instead, I learned how to change my mind about money. 

I didn’t become financially free because the odds were in my favor. In fact, the odds were stacked against me. But because I was able to change my money mindset and stay open to abundance, I experienced a quantum shift. And you can do the same. 

Attracting abundance isn’t about getting more cash or landing the perfect job. It’s about shifting your energy around abundance. 


It’s about recognizing the storyline that you’ve gotten hung up in—and retelling it. 

Becoming abundant is about developing a money mindset that turns you into a Super Attractor

This episode of Dear Gabby will help you cultivate that mentality. But first, you have to recognize your blocks to financial abundance and bust through them. 

3 blocks to financial abundance 

On today’s Dear Gabby, I go deep into describing the 3 blocks. Here’s an overview of them:

block 1

a lack mentality

Are you convinced that you’re never going to manifest abundance? Do you constantly struggle to feel financially secure? If so, you might have a lack mentality. But help is on the way. For now, pat yourself on the back and say, “I’m doing the work. Gabby is going to coach me. And I’m willing to look at my lack mentality without any judgment.” Give yourself grace. This is a powerful step toward changing your money mindset. 

block 2

the belief that having money makes you better than, or less than, others

You may believe that people who have a lot of money are smarter, or work harder, than people who don’t. Or perhaps you assume that people who have a lot of money are shallow or selfish. If you can relate to either money mindset, you are stuck in a storyline of separation. That’s okay. Believing in separation is a very common block to abundance. I’ll help you bust this block on Dear Gabby today.

block 3

the belief that there’s not enough to go around

You might think that your earning capacity has a cap—or that it’s based on what happens in the outside world. When you have this money mindset, you see the world in a zero-sum way. (If one person has more, another person must have less.)I’ll teach you how to undo this limiting belief. 

believe and receive

On this episode of Dear Gabby, I help callers shift their money mindset and assume Super Attractor energy!

listen to this episode to learn:

  • How to turn your side hustle into your full-time dream job
  • How to switch your energy into receiving mode … and attract miracles!
  • How to shift behaviors that keep you stuck in old patterns and open up to new possibilities 
  • How to BELIEVE that you are worthy of abundance … and watch it flow into your life

Those miracles are available to you. 

May this Dear Gabby help you shift your money mindset and assume the energy of abundance, joy and ease! 

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