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On today’s Big Talk, you will get a spiritual lesson in how to manifest love from one of my favorite people … fine-jewelry designer and human ray of sunshine Jennifer Meyer! 

I met Jen when she was — as she says — “having a little moment.” While sitting in a parking lot and scrolling her phone for some inspirational podcasts, she landed on my talk from Oprah’s SuperSoul Series. (I’ll link to it in “Get More Gabby,” below!)

manifesting from an iphone

After listening to my talk, Jen checked out my Instagram and noticed that I was already following her. (Little did she know, I’d been her super-fan for years!)  

She messaged me, and I responded right away. About a week later, we were having lunch together in L.A. (Now, about three years later, we are good friends who geek out on manifesting!) 

This ^^ is just how life works for Jen. If she’s ever feeling off or down, she puts all her focus onto feeling good in the moment, and her manifestations start to snowball.

Jen’s devotional willingness to feeling good is one of the most awesome things about her. This woman lives her best life no matter what—and she knows how to manifest love in every area of life! 

On today’s Dear Gabby, Jen will teach you how to do the same.

become a magnet for love

I’m so freaking psyched about this conversation! I know it’s going to shift your energy, make you radiate high vibes… and become a miracle magnet like Jen! 

In this Dear Gabby, Jen shared how she turned a divorce into a major blessing for herself, her family … AND her ex! (She’s still super close with him, by the way, and that’s no accident: Jen consciously manifested “the greatest ex-husband on planet earth.”) 

These days, Jen is happier than she’s ever been, has an abundance of love in her life … and has a spiritual toolkit she uses to keep the blessings flowing. She’ll talk about it all on Dear Gabby today. 

tune in to this episode to learn:
  • The concept of spiritual “driftwood”: how to see others’ blessings as signs of hope … instead of feeling jealous!
  • What it takes to have a “beautiful divorce” (it truly is possible … this will give you hope and guidance!)
  • How to apply a solution-oriented mindset to your business, and watch your success skyrocket
  • How to become a magnet for a partner who’s in total alignment with you
  • The three-step method for manifesting NEW love after a breakup (keep reading … I’m going to share these in this blog so you can refer to them again and again). They’re soooo good.

the 3-step method to manifesting love

Jen is such a Super Attractor, she intuitively used these steps to attract love that’s beyond her wildest dreams. (She called her current situation “too good to be true.”) 

This is such a beautiful, high-vibe path to cultivating more love in any area of your life.

Step 1

let blessings flow to other people

When Jen watched her ex-husband enter a beautiful new relationship, she was psyched for him! Instead of feeling like a victim because she hadn’t yet manifested a new love of her own, Jen celebrated her ex’s happiness. Without even knowing it, she elevated her own vibe to become a match for her own manifestations.

Step 2

clear space by learning your attachment style

Understanding your attachment style is the secret to deepening your connection and setting clear boundaries with love. There are three types of attachment styles when it comes to relationships: anxious, avoidant and secure.  (Attachment theory is the joint work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth.)

Here’s a quick overview of each style:


A secure attachment style means you feel comfortable addressing your needs and expressing your feelings. You have strong self-esteem and you enjoy close relationships.


An anxious attachment style means you crave stability and security at all costs. You’re scared to lose a relationship—even if it’s not right for you. You can easily feel threatened in relationships.


An avoidant attachment style means you back away from deep emotional connections with others. You value your independence, freedom and personal space to the point where you might push others away.

You can learn more about attachment styles in my book Happy Days. I also share tools and methods you can use to find a deeper sense of security in all your relationships.

Step 3

embody joy

This is the biggest manifesting method of all! Even when your manifestation isn’t here yet, you can decide to focus on joy. You focus on the good stuff, rather than the lack. And by focusing on the abundance in your life, you become a Super Attractor for more abundance—including beautiful new relationships!

unapologetically shine

I couldn’t stop thinking about a meme during this Big Talk:

Have you ever met someone that was sunshine in human form? Tag them.

^^This will be you after you absorb Jen’s tips!  

I can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with this beautiful golden light! May this Big Talk help you give yourself permission to shine in every area of your life.

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  • Jennifer Meyer is the most high-vibe designer on the planet! She infuses her fine-jewelry designs with hearts, evil eyes and good luck charms, so that anyone wearing them feels protected. She also has a gorgeous perfume that’s inspired by her childhood in Malibu. Follow her on Instagram here

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