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learn to fine tune your energy

Let me brag for a moment about my amazing makeup artist, Alex. 

She has the best freaking energy ever! 

Everyone loves her.

She’s fun, professional—and super high-vibe. 

Oh, and she’s amazing at doing my makeup. 

photo of gabby and makeup artist

So yes, the makeup’s great—but her talent is not the key to her success. Alex embodies the exact qualities that can create massive abundance in our lives. She has the secret ingredients. 

In this episode of Dear Gabby, I’ll unpack these success secrets for you. 

how to raise your vibration

How do the most successful people create their own opportunities? It’s ALL about the vibes.

The great news is this: You can elevate your vibration and bring high vibes to your work any time you want. 

If you’ve been working for years to fine-tune your skills, you might be focusing on the wrong things. I know. Frustrating, right?

  • Do you get close but never quite there with reaching your goals?
  • Maybe you even get interviews for your dream job—or you get the chance to pitch to your dream client—but it never quite works out.

In this episode, I’ll help you fine-tune your energy so you can break through to your wildest dreams.

Often we think our success comes from how much we do, how hard we push or how talented we are.

That’s actually bullsh&t.

what really matters is the heart, the connection and the energy that we bring to it

Alex now has tons of other high-profile clients and celebrities reaching out to her with requests. She is rocking her career. It’s not just because the makeup is great—it’s because she’s great.

Ready to experience that kind of success? 

Looking for more help fine-tuning your energy and attracting what you want?

Learn my methods for creating the life of your dreams in my book Super AttractorI open up about my beliefs about loving, wise spiritual guides who can help you in every area of your life. 

in this episode, you’ll learn how to:
  • Fine-tune your energy so you can truly offer your highest and best efforts to anything you do
  • Check in with your energy and make adjustments in the moment
  • Raise your vibration and elevate every opportunity the Universe brings your way
  • Magnify your skills and expertise by bringing high vibes to your work environment 
  • Attract the right people to help you achieve your personal and professional goals

You could be the world’s greatest makeup artist or the BEST in your specific area of expertise—but until you reach a state of positive flow, you can’t fulfill your highest potential. 

get more gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention in the episode. 

  • If you want to learn how to lift yourself out of low-vibration energy, check out my book Super Attractor. In Chapter 4, “Have Fun Along the Way,” I discuss how to use the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale to reach for a better-feeling thought and shift to a higher-vibration emotion. 
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