how to manifest love

Whether we realize it or not, we all resist love. When we clear the blocks to love, we clear our path to manifesting and attract a life of joy, connection, ease and unshakable peace. 

So how do you clear the blocks to love? How can you manifest love?

That’s what I talk about in this bonus episode of the Dear Gabby podcast. It’s from a live talk I gave in Los Angeles back in the day. I’ll share the 5 steps you can use to clear the blocks to love and manifest the life you dream of. 

But before you do that, I’ll ask you to take an honest look at the ways in which you’re stuck in resistance. 

You might be thinking, “How am I resisting love?” 

recognize your resistance

Our resistance shows up in unique ways. Maybe you’re in a romantic relationship and you sabotage it because you’re afraid that if the other person leaves, you will not survive. I’ve actually experienced this in past relationships.

Maybe your resistance is a never-ending story that plays in your head, telling you there’s an issue you need to fix. This was a major block for me.

We resist our manifestations through attack thoughts, judgment, separation and jealousy. Whenever we look at someone and think, “I should have what they have,” or we make fun of them, or we gossip about them … we are resisting love. 

we all resist love, but we might not be conscious of it

When we resist love, we are resisting oneness and we are resisting light. 

That’s why it was so important for me to share this live talk with you. It will reveal to you what you still need to heal so you can clear the blocks to love. This talk will bring you great relief.  

clear the blocks to manifest love

Love is your true nature. It’s who you are. You might have just forgotten. 

But there is a proven path you can take to clear the blocks to love, and I’ll share it with you today. 

gabby on stage

In this inspirational episode, I’ll reveal steps to strengthen your spiritual alignment, let go of doubt, fear and resistance, and return to love. Here’s an overview of the 5 steps: 

Step 1

be grateful for the tough stuff

This will help you compassionately witness the hidden parts of your shadow that you still need to heal. 

Step 2

give off the right signal

You will create more of what you feel. When you are in an energy of joy, magnitude and grace, more of it will flow into your life. 

Step 3

examine how you defend your illusions

We defend our illusions when we direct our focus onto what we DON’T want. Everything shifts when we actively redirect our attention to the things that we DO want. 

Step 4

remember that kindness created you kind

Choose to see others’ pain, fear and struggles as your own. As humans who share this planet, we’re all in it together. Kindness is the solution for all our suffering.

Step 5

when you think you’ve surrendered, surrender some more

The steps to spiritual surrender are the final steps you must take to release all that’s blocking you. These are the steps: Take your hands off the wheel, turn over time and give up the outcome.

love more & heal more

This Dear Gabby will help you remember how amazing it is to dwell in peace, how wonderful it is to choose joy, and how liberating it is to give up your grievances and forgive. 

That is how you clear the blocks to love. 

When you remove everything that is in the way of the presence of love within you, you can grow more, heal more and love more.

You can experience joy in every moment.


And you can know with unwavering certainty that the Universe has your back. 

get more gabby

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