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I created something very special for you—it’s my NEW Anxiety Relief Challenge that starts on April 1.

Join me for 14 days of guided meditations and practices for lasting serenity.

If these sound familiar, this challenge is for you …

  • You’re overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out! I’ll guide you through proven methods for releasing anxiety and stress. 
  • You don’t have time for self care. In 10 minutes a day I’ll help you create a routine that fits your life seamlessly.
  • Trying to calm down makes you feel even more anxious. My clear guidance will support you every step of the way and help you feel safe.
  • You have brain fog and you can’t get anything done. I’ll give you practices to help you think clearly and get motivated.

Relief from anxiety is possible, and I’ll show you the way!

how to reduce anxiety

If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce anxiety, today’s episode of Dear Gabby will serve you greatly. 

One of the biggest fears about anxiety is not knowing when it will subside. You can release that fear now by following my 5 solutions for stress and anxiety. When you follow these tips, you’ll feel secure and safe knowing that you have tools and a clear path to relief. 

I created this Dear Gabby so that anyone who’s struggling with stress and anxiety can learn actionable tools for feeling more peace, grace and ease — starting today. Take a deep breath, press play and let me teach you how to reduce anxiety! 

in this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to befriend your anxiety (this may sound odd, but it is far more effective than trying to “manage” your anxiety) 
  • How to stop “future tripping” in relationships … and give them a chance to succeed! 
  • Why it’s a total myth that you have to have everything figured out before you can help others (in fact, quite the opposite can be true!) 
  • How to reduce anxiety and stress related to finances 

And you’ll hear a passage from my new Audible Original, How to Release Anxiety!

my new project with audible originals

How to Release Anxiety is available now through Audible Originals, and it couldn’t have come out as a better time. 

It was recorded at a live talk, and I was honored to support the audience by sharing my best tips for feeling at peace. As you’ll hear in today’s Dear Gabby, this is how the talk begins: 

Now more than ever, it’s go time. We all have to take responsibility for our inner condition. The conversation of anxiety is no longer something that we brush under the rug, push past, ignore or manage. Instead of managing our anxiety, I’m going to teach you how to befriend it. 

That might sound a little alarming to you! You might think: I don’t want to be friends with my anxiety! That sounds like it really sucks! But what we resist will persist. What we push against will magnify. What we befriend can be set at ease. 

We can view the anxiety in our life as a part of us that’s showing up to protect us from something. Maybe it’s there to reveal something to us. Maybe it’s there so that we can get more connected to what we truly need.

It’s only when we begin to turn inward and start to look at the anxiety that we can truly begin to live with grace and ease. Are you ready for that?

-from How to Release Anxiety

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