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Several years ago I was giving a lecture in Hamburg and most of the people in the audience spoke only German. Eighty percent of them were wearing headphones so they could hear the translator give my talk in German. 

This was the first time I’d worked with a translator, so I was a little freaked out. I didn’t know if they could keep up with my fast pace or follow what I was saying.

Before walking onto the stage I prayed and meditated, and I asked the Universe for guidance on how to be of service to this group. Then I surrendered my talk to the care of my inner guide and stepped onto the stage. 

The moment I hit the stage I heard my inner guide say:

Don’t rely on your words. Rely on your presence. 

I began by speaking very slowly. I allowed myself to be moved by the stories I was telling. Halfway through my talk, I looked at the audience with their headphones on and I said, “I have a request. I’d love for you to take off your headphones and experience my talk through my energy rather than my words.” 

They were all willing to play along and they took off their headphones. At that moment I began to feel as though I was in an energetic dance with the audience, communicating through a vibration. I noticed people crying and reaching into their bags for tissues. 

Even without my words being translated, they were able to feel the vibration of my intentions. 

Your energy is so powerful, it goes beyond the words you speak.


I completed my talk and not one audience member had put their headphones back on. I felt a deep connection to the audience through the energy we exchanged. 

It will go down in history as one of my favorite talks! 

And it’s a beautiful example of what I’ll reveal to you on today’s podcast: Your energy comes through and is received. Even when it’s in a different language, as in my story, or through the Internet or Zoom or a phone call, your energy comes through!

Trust that when you take action from a faithful place, from a heart-centered place, your energy will come through. Trust the power of your energy to change your experiences! 

In this episode, I felt a deep connection with the brave humans who came forth, allowed themselves to be vulnerable and shared their truth. 

Together we shed light on their discomforts and fears about financial insecurity, job loss and relationship difficulties. By doing so, they were able to adjust their thoughts and energy for a quantum shift in the moment. 

In this episode of Dear Gabby, each soul who joined us had a commitment to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection and a greater sense of confidence.

listen to this episode to hear:
  • My method for attracting the job you want
  • Tips for being open to the creative opportunities for employment
  • My method for honoring, respecting and thanking your anxiety
  • Why it’s the quality of time you put in, not the quantity 
  • The reason rejection is actually protection
  • An amazing perspective shift for attracting romantic relationships
  • How to have a conversation using nonviolent communication
  • The clearest path back to resolution
  • The Listen and Receive Method for speaking your truth 

Annnd check this out …

5 steps to attract the job you want

In today’s episode, I share how you can make an energetic shift to amp up your power to attract the job you want. 

Step 1

accept your fear and discomfort

There can be a lot of fear and/or discomfort surrounding your unemployment and financial insecurity. Thank it for the guidance and the motivation to take action.

Step 2

ask your fear to step aside

Be loving, caring and compassionate toward the fear, so you won’t be overcome by it. Use it as a guide back to love.

Step 3

get grounded in your spiritual foundation

When you take practical action toward finding employment and making money, do so from a faithful, heart-centered place. 

Step 4

focus on quality time

How much time you put in doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the time. Trust that the creative energy and the intention you bring to every interview, to every job possibility will be received. 

Step 5

be uninterruptible

The practice of being uninterruptible is imperative to let this creative force move through you. 

Today’s episode is a deep reminder of the power of your energy. 

If you bring quality and conscious energy to your visions and your dreams, they will multiply.

That energetic shift will help you create balance. It will instantly help you feel relief from your discomforts. It will change your experiences and help you attract more of what you want!

Press play now to learn more ways to change your energy, change your experiences, and, in doing so, attract abundance! 

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