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I have the great pleasure of having psychiatrist and Internal Family Systems (IFS) expert Dr. Frank Anderson join me on the show for what can only be described as a true BIG TALK.

In this vulnerable and personal conversation Frank shares how IFS personally impacted his own trauma recovery journey and how it transformed the way he works with clients to promote healing.

IFS is a powerful approach that recognizes our minds are composed of many subpersonalities or “parts,” each with its own unique perspective, feelings, and motivations. The goal of IFS is to help these parts release their extreme roles and old burdens (often from past traumas), so they can be in harmonious relationship with each other and with the core authentic Self, restoring a sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

IFS is unique in that it empowers you to be your own healer. The therapist serves as a guide and mirror, but the wisdom is already within you. With practice, you can apply the model on your own and be Self-led in daily life.

For anyone struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction or other mental health challenges, IFS offers a hopeful paradigm. It reveals that your symptoms and behaviors are not evidence that you’re broken, but that parts of you are hurting and stuck in the past. These parts are not your enemies; they’re your hidden healers.

Through the compassionate, curious eyes of Self, you can help your parts unload their burdens, fully unblend from them, and transform your beliefs and behavior. Your pain becomes the portal to reclaiming your wholeness.

The IFS process takes patience and courage, but it works. You gradually make space inside to welcome home all the hurting or disowned parts of you. Rather than attacking or fearing these parts, IFS invites us to see their positive intentions, collaborate with them, and let them be allies on our healing journey.

Frank so beautifully illustrates that when we’ve truly done our healing work, we can look back on even the most challenging experiences and relationships with profound gratitude. We realize the highest purpose it’s all served in our soul’s awakening.

I hope you’ll join us for this life-changing episode! Witness the radical shifts that unfold when you choose to love yourself like your life depends on it… because it does.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is Internal Family Systems (IFS) and how it can help you become your own healer.
  • How IFS can heal trauma and help you embrace ALL parts of yourself, especially the ones you’ve suppressed out of fear or shame.
  • How trauma blocks love, and love heals trauma.
  • How IFS differs from traditional therapy, and how you can integrate it into treatment.
  • How we can look back on even the most challenging experiences and relationships with gratitude.

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