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If you think Kelly Ripa shines bright on TV, wait till you hear her in conversation. I recently sat down with her for a Dear Gabby Big Talk. She shared the most brilliant tips for how to ground yourself … and so much more! 

Let me put it this way. 

One day I saw this meme:

Have you ever met someone that was sunshine in human form? Tag them.

^^^ And then I experienced it in real life when I interviewed Kelly

I’ve been a Kelly Ripa fan for decades. I can actually feel her bright energy coming off the TV screen. 

And she’s not just like that on TV. In real life, Kelly is a brilliant beacon of light … and she’s actually a powerful healer. 

If you want to learn how to ground yourself in goodness, even when the world is filled with negativity, you’re going to love this conversation

listen to this episode to hear us talk about:
  • Why Kelly almost quit her job as a daytime TV host—and the amazing fan encounter that made her stay
  • The importance of good news in a world of destruction and devastation (it’s not just fluff)
  • How Kelly soothes her anxiety (and one subtle practice you might see her using on-air) 
  • How to ground yourself and still live a big, boisterous life 
  • PLUS, I share the best form of self-help … and how Kelly’s new book exemplifies it 

a live wire

Kelly’s first book is out now! Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories is a candid, unfiltered look at Kelly’s life in front of the camera and behind the scenes. She shares fun celebrity encounters and also vulnerably dives into her experiences with anxiety. 

Live Wire book by Kelly Ripa

There’s no doubt about it: Kelly channeled this book. She told me that when she sat down to write, the words started flowing so quickly in her mind that she could barely write them down fast enough. 

Live Wire is not a self-help book. And yet, it’s going to help so many people. As I told Kelly on Dear Gabby, by allowing herself to be so real and vulnerable, she’s letting other people see themselves in her. 

The best form of self-help is to be able to see yourself in somebody’s authentic truth. When you open a book like Live Wire and see yourself in Kelly, you will feel way less alone. 

That’s the gift of this book, and it’s a gift Kelly brings to the world each day as a steady, grounded beacon of good news. 

Speaking of grounding, the tips Kelly shares for staying balanced and calm will teach you how to ground yourself.

kelly ripa’s guide to staying grounded and avoiding burnout

“I think it’s a common misperception that people with big, boisterous personalities on TV are just like that all day long,” Kelly told me. “Nobody can sustain that. It’s not sustainable! I always go within after I’m done with whatever the day holds.”

After you listen to Dear Gabby today, you can return to this blog for a list of Kelly’s go-to techniques for staying balanced behind the scenes.


When she’s not filming, Kelly says she refuels by not speaking for several hours. Stillness and silence are both settling for the nervous system. This reminds me of a card I love from my Super Attractor deck. It says: In stillness I receive.

so then what?

Kelly is a self-described “catastrophizer.” Like many of us, she tends to fear that the worst-case scenario will happen in any situation. Her husband, Mark Conseulous, helps her stay grounded in these situations by asking, “So then what?” 

This is actually a tool from cognitive behavioral therapy. You can use it in your own internal dialogue as a way to ground yourself. The next time you find yourself stuck in catastrophic thought patterns, go ahead and play out that undesired outcome in your head. Then ask yourself, “So then what?” And keep going with that train of thought. 

As you repeat this question, you will likely feel yourself growing calmer and realize that the situation you’re most afraid of has a solution—or just won’t be so bad after all.

keep it moving

Kelly’s not super into meditating. But she uses exercise—anything from jogging to SoulCycle sessions—to reap some of the same benefits that meditation offers. If you’re looking for ideas for how to ground yourself, don’t discount a simple walk or a dance around your room.

Physical exercise is a powerful way to get into a state of flow, and it can be a beautiful form of meditation.


Working out is my favorite kind of brain break, and it inspires me for the rest of the day.

let’s take a walk together

My Big Talk with Kelly Ripa offers so many more tips for how to ground yourself. (And of course, self-help author Gabby here offered a few too.) I can’t wait for you to listen to this beautiful conversation.

Throw on some sneakers and take me and Kelly on a walk with you. You’ll be able to feel Kelly’s warmth and light radiating through your headphones.

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  • Kelly Ripa is a household name whose career at ABC has spanned more than three decades. As the Emmy-award-winning host of the Live! franchise, Kelly has interviewed cultural icons from politicians to celebrities and athletes. She and her husband, Mark Conseulous, founded their production company, Milojo Productions, in 2007. Kelly’s beautiful new book is Live Wire: Long-Winded Short StoriesIt’s a must-read! 

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