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My Dear Gabby listeners were BEGGING for more! After my first podcast on how to set boundaries in a relationship, they wanted to keep the conversation going. 

I’m so proud of this community for wanting to dive in deep here, because setting boundaries is one of the most spiritual acts of self-care. 

But many of us don’t really know how to set boundaries in a relationship without feeling guilty or low-vibe. 

Listen, I can relate! Just recently I had an incident with a friend. She did something that triggered me in a major way. Before I confronted her, I really had to take myself through the practice that I share on today’s Dear Gabby

I practice what I preach, people! And I was ultimately able to salvage a friendship that frankly wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t have this spiritual tool.

how to set boundaries in a relationship

So on today’s podcast, I’m going to share that tool with you. You’ll learn the one thing you need to do before you even CONSIDER setting boundaries with someone …

And that is to center into your heart space and really get to know the part of you that is hesitant to set boundaries. 

If this sounds pretty heady, don’t sweat it. On today’s podcast I’ll help you connect to your heart through a gorgeous guided exercise that you can return to again and again. 

You’ll also hear me workshop this technique with people live.

Annnd there’s more…

listen to this episode to learn:
  • The #1 reason we’re afraid to speak up for ourselves—and how to put that fear to rest 
  • How to set boundaries in a relationship, and why doing so makes you irresistibly SEXY (seriously!) 
  • Why boundaries work to make relationships closer … NOT more distant
  • A next-level version of my fave heart hold meditation (this will hook you up with a HUGE dose of self-love)
  • A morning ritual that will help you care for the parts of yourself that are hurting and in need of love
  • PLUS a career tip that will help you attract your dream clients

a morning ritual for deepening relationships

When we feel a bit lost about how to set boundaries in relationships, we need to give ourselves time and grace. 

One of the callers on today’s Dear Gabby was feeling a lot of hurt in an intimate business relationship. I told her not to make any sudden changes in this relationship. 

Instead, I gave her a gentle, soothing exercise she can do every morning for 30 days, and I want to share it with you here. 

If you want to clear up hurt in a relationship, here’s my assignment for you.

a heart hold

Every morning before you start your day, do a heart hold. 

Simply place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly. 

Gabby doing heart hold

Tap into that part of you that’s feeling hurt, activated, or in any way triggered in your relationship. Gently and calmly get to know that part. Become curious about it. 

Give that part of you space to speak up and breathe. Tap into a sense of compassion toward it. 

For 30 days, just spend some time every morning sending love, compassion and curiosity to this triggered part of yourself. 

This practice may sound simple, but its impact is profound.

If you allow yourself to become present with the part of you that hurts, put your awareness toward that part and just breathe into the feeling of hurt, you can lovingly tend to that part of yourself and dissolve your hurt.

get to know yourself

I LOVE this episode of Dear Gabby because it embodies my intention for this podcast. Knowing how to set boundaries in a relationship is such an important spiritual and therapeutic practice, and I’m psyched to dive into this topic with you. 

While I was recording, someone who was listening in via Zoom wrote this in the comments: “Gabby, this is like spiritual roadside assistance.” 

That made me laugh out loud … it is so spot-on! 

My intention for this show is to jumpstart your healing journey. I’m here to give you a Dear Gabby kick in the ass and help you get to know the parts of yourself that are activated. 

My primary intention here on Dear Gabby is to help you tune in to this beautiful collage of parts of who you are and recognize that each of those parts deserves your attention and love. 

As you tend to your parts, you’ll open up your conscious awareness to receive more support from the Universe … and set crystal clear boundaries with love! Enjoy this powerful episode of Dear Gabby.

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