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Today, I’m going to tell you how you can be your own medium, and tap into your psychic abilities. But first, let me tell you about that time I met a psychic in the greenroom …

It was seriously wild! 

I was backstage, getting ready to go hit the set and talk about angels. (How cool is that!? An angel segment on national TV!) 

MaryAnn DiMarco was also a guest on that day’s show, and she had a pretty awesome icebreaker. As we were both chilling in the greenroom, MaryAnn turned to me and said: 

“Want to hear what I’m hearing from your spirit guides?” 

“Um … yes, PLEASE!” I replied. 

We’ve been good friends ever since … and MaryAnn is my guest on this Big Talk episode of Dear Gabby!

My girl MaryAnn is a psychic medium, author, healer and spiritual teacher. She uses her intuitive gifts to help others in so many aspects of their lives.

And — here’s the really groovy part — she helps others uncover their own intuitive gifts and tap into their psychic abilities! 

She even wrote an awesome book about it: Medium Mentor: 10 Powerful Techniques to Awaken Divine Guidance For Yourself and Others.

Medium Mentor by MaryAnn DiMarco

tap into your own psychic abilities

You, my friend, are a clear channel for divine guidance. You just have to tap into it! And you can learn how on today’s episode of The Dear Gabby podcast

Having MaryAnn in the podcast studio felt a bit like Christmas morning. You’ll really dig the easy, candid energy between us. Pour yourself a cozy drink, press play, and pretend you’re on a virtual coffee date with us! 

You might also want to have a journal handy. This episode is packed with so much gorgeous wisdom on tapping into your psychic abilities.

listen to today’s episode to learn:
  • What it feels like to communicate with spirit (you probably feel this several times a day, and didn’t even realize it was spirit speaking to you)! 
  • WTF are spirit guides … and whether you have them
  • How to recognize spirit in symbols and signs (True story: My spirit guides used a llama to communicate with me!) 
  • The way that spirits visually appear (it’s not like the apparitions you see in a movie!) 
  • Tools for nurturing a child’s intuitive gifts (those “imaginary friends” might not be so imaginary after all …) 

believe it to receive it

MaryAnn and I will also hook you up with some solid tools for tapping into your psychic abilities and establishing a direct line to spirit. First thing’s first: You have to believe in your connection to divine guidance. 

As MaryAnn says on this Big Talk: “Everybody can pick up energy for themselves. Do I think everybody should go out and be a psychic medium? Maybe not. But can you pick up on guidance and information for yourself? Absolutely. It’s one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. It’s really just believing. Once you believe it, you can start hearing that information and it should feel familiar. It should feel like home.” 

Take that powerful statement in … and believe it!

free write to connect with your spirit guides

An exercise that I use to connect with my spirit guides is free-writing! I especially love to do this after I meditate, when my energy is super relaxed and I’m a clear channel for information to come through. Want to try this for yourself? Here’s what to do:


find a quiet spot

Find a quiet place and an uninterrupted chunk of time. I prefer to channel my spirit guides in the evening, when I can light a candle and get really cozy. But you can do this whenever you feel called — you and your spirit guides may be most energized in the morning!


listen to the meditation

Sit back, relax, and press play on my Spirit Guides Meditation. <— Click here to get it for free!


start journaling

After you’ve listened to the meditation, take out your journal and write at the top of the page: “Thank you guides of the highest truth of compassion for writing through me.”


free write

For 4 minutes, free-write in your journal. Allow the voice of love to pour through you onto the page, and don’t edit a word! 


express gratitude

After you finish writing, send your guides a deep breath of gratitude and appreciation … and receive that gratitude and appreciation right back— feel it in your heart! 

How do you feel after that? 

On today’s podcast, MaryAnn said that people often ask her a question about free-writing exercises like this. ‘How do I know I’m actually channeling my spirit guides and tapping into my psychic abilities — and not just making stuff up?” There’s actually a very simple way to tell! Click here to hear MaryAnn’s response! 

a crystal clear vision

MaryAnn is not only THE Medium Mentor … she’s my medium mentor! MaryAnn has really helped me tap into a my own channeling abilities — and I’m starting to use them more and more in my work! 

If you’re a frequent Dear Gabby listener, you’ve probably heard me channel for guests in the past. But if this is your first time listening, you’ll hear me channel for MaryAnn today! I got a crystal-clear vision of post-it notes … and MaryAnn explains the trippy reason why in our Big Talk

children have psychic abilities

Thanks to MaryAnn’s guidance, I’ve also been able to mentor my son in his mediumship. In this episode of Dear Gabby, I share the story of 4-year-old Ollie’s spirit-guide soccer buddies  —  and the time we both thought we saw a mouse … which wasn’t a mouse at all! I honor Ollie for his gifts, and I’m helping him nurture them. 

As MaryAnn says: 

“We all have a divine right to tap into the light that is within us and make a connection to the Universe. We were born with these abilities. We were taught to forget them.”

MaryAnn DiMarco

I don’t want to teach Ollie to forget those abilities! So for any parents, teachers or caretakers of young children out there, this podcast offers guidance on how to help a child become an intuitive being. 

listening to spirit

Before you hop into this episode of the Dear Gabby podcast, I want to congratulate you for being here. As MaryAnn says in this Big Talk, “if you’re listening to the podcast today, you’re listening to spirit!” 

I’m so excited to have you listen to spirit today!

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  • MaryAnn DiMarco is a gifted psychic medium, intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher. I love her new book Medium Mentor so much, I wrote the forward for it! MaryAnn has been my personal medium mentor, and I can attest to the beautiful ability she has to help others hone their intuitive gifts. Click here to order the book!

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