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I’m surprised my photo isn’t in the dictionary, right next to the word extrovert. (Merriam-Webster, let’s talk!) I am a bonafide, grade-A people person.

But let’s be real—face-to-face connection hasn’t been easy to come by for the past year and a half. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve taken all the health precautions super seriously, and I’ve spent much of my time holed up at home. 

That spells danger for my fellow grocery shoppers … 

These days, I’m turning the produce aisle into a party. Anyone who’s rifling through the fruits next to me is gonna hear a mouthful about bananas. And at school pickup, I’m the first to ask a fellow mom about her cool nail polish hue. (I’m digging nude pinks this season.) 

As the world starts to open up again, these little moments of human connection are putting a spring in my step. I even had a 30-minute coffee date with a friend the other day! It. was. heaven. 

I can’t deny that the isolation had been starting to wear on me. That’s why this Big Talk episode really filled my energetic cup. I have a feeling it’s going to rev up your engine, too! 

Two of my dear friends (who are also two of the best podcasters on Earth)—Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness podcast, and On Purpose host (and Sama tea founder!) Jay Shetty—sat down with me for a conversation that went deep … fast.

What people fall in love with the most – in any human – is their ability to be authentically vulnerable and truthful.


I’ve really missed hanging out with these dudes, and we quickly made up for lost time. We dove right into big, beautiful topics, and we held nothing back.

When the Big Talk started flowing, I never wanted it to stop. (What can I say? This Gabby loves to gab—especially with these two spiritual powerhouses.) 

in this episode, we explore:
  • How to deepen your conversational skills for more meaningful connections 
  • What it means to be an active listener 
  • How to attract the right romantic partner into your life (and why you might be attracting Mr. or Ms. Wrong) 
  • How to view vulnerability as a loving exchange
  • The key to a long-lasting relationship 
  • How to cope with being an extrovert in these isolating times  

connect to self energy

Plus, we dive into Self-energy. Connecting to Self-energy is a key practice in Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS). If you’re not familiar, it’s the adult-resourced energy that’s available to each and every one of us. It’s there to guide us back to a feeling of safety anytime, anywhere—and it’s the key to recovering from childhood wounds. 

Lewis had the most beautiful metaphor for this: 

“It’s like I have a bodyguard protecting my inner child, physically and spiritually,” he says in this episode. “Let’s go, world!”

I LOVE this analogy. In another pearl-of-wisdom bomb, Jay shared how he really taps into the guests on his podcast. He said,

“What is the conversation that only you can have with someone? Ask the questions that only you can ask.” 

^^^ WHOA, right? What if we all applied this tool to every conversation we have, every day? How much deeper would our connections be? 

Jay and Lewis drop gorgeous bits of life advice by the nanosecond. We truly go there on so many topics that can be difficult to discuss, but despite all that, I can say without hesitation that this Big Talk is the most joyful conversation I’ve had in a long time. 

I hope it fills your cup, too. 

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