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I wish I could have a slumber party and stay up all night talking to her! That’s how captivating my conversation felt with actress, dancer and Spirit Junkie Jenna Dewan on today’s episode of Dear Gabby.

Jenna is an amazing mom of two, a talented actress, an accomplished dancer … and now add author to her list of achievements! In her new book, Gracefully You, Jenna offers guidance on how to find your true voice, connect to your deeper self and cultivate happiness in every area of your life.

There’s no doubt why Jenna topped my list of people I’d LOVE to have come on the show and riff about her spiritual practices. During the loneliest days of the pandemic, connecting with Jenna through our DMs became a real support system for me. 

We share so much in common. Jenna is a new mom like me and she’s a self-proclaimed Spirit Junkie. Jenna explains in today’s episode, “Being a Spirit Junkie is about having an insane amount of trust in a presence … and that trust just sort of guides me.” 

There’s no small talk on this episode of BIG TALK. Find out why learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable was a huge lesson for Jenna this past year. 

in this episode you’ll hear about:
  • How to speak to your children to avoid codependent relationships
  • The importance of not making your feelings your children’s problem
  • The struggles of finding balance as a working parent
  • How dance kept Jenna embodied and healed her trauma
  • Ways to gain confidence in your body through movement and sexuality
  • Methods to physically process and move shame through you
  • Why it’s essential to help our daughters feel confident in their bodies
  • The secret to shame-free parenting

I love our conversation! Talking to Jenna feels like catching up with a close friend. 

We riff on so many important topics, from setting boundaries when you’re empathetic to how to improve your relationship with your child. When Jenna tells me, “I feel for every working parent out there, because it is a real balancing act,” she knows because she lives it.

And we dive deep in our discussion about empowering practices for gaining body confidence and processing trauma through physical movement. Listen now to hear what I share with Jenna as my method for getting into your body to feel sensual and sexy. 

This BIG TALK will move your body and soul! Press play now and enjoy.

If you enjoyed this Big Talk conversation with Jenna Dewan, I welcome you to leave a review. Let me know what part of our conversation inspired miracles in you!

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