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a tapping technique that can transform your life

We all face times when we feel overwhelmed. The key is preventing that feeling from spiraling into anxiety. Want to learn how? In this episode I walk you through a stress-reducing technique called tapping that I personally use all the time. It’s quick, easy and super effective. 

Many of us are living in a constant state of fight or flight. Our nervous systems are on high alert, and because of that, even small stressors can activate our anxiety. 

But living in this amped-up state is not healthy physically, emotionally or spiritually. When I feel a little on edge, I immediately turn to a tried-and-true practice that never fails me.

What is this fail-proof practice? Tapping.

tapping—aka emotional freedom technique (eft)—for anxiety

Tapping is an incredibly powerful practice that guides your mind and body to a safer, more relaxed space where you can make clear decisions, approach challenging situations with more grace, and fully show up for yourself and your people.

This tapping technique can accomplish so much in so little time. It can help you:

  • Release attachments to your addictive tendencies
  • Disrupt unhelpful and fear-based thought patterns
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Clear negativity from your energy field 
  • Enable you to move through life with more ease

When I lead people through a tapping session, I start by having them rate their anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10, both before and after the exercise. Within just a few minutes, my students often go from a 9 to a 3, or a 7 to a 1, or a 3 to a zero. It’s amazing to watch—and even more amazing to experience..

Tapping is deceptively simple. You just use a few fingers to tap in a sequence on specific parts of your body that are along energy meridians; at the same time, you repeat comforting and affirming phrases (either out loud or silently). Even though it’s easy, it helps a ton to have guidance—especially when you’re starting out. This episode will provide you with that support.

in this episode, I share …

  • A complete tapping sequence for anxiety
  • The exact energy meridians to focus on during tapping
  • Phrases you can repeat to enhance your tapping practice
  • How to tailor your tapping practice to your specific needs

It’s National Tapping Month, which makes this the perfect time for this episode. This one was a listener request—so many of you asked for more about tapping.

I walk you through a full tapping exercise for anxiety, along with specific phrases you can repeat to enhance your practice.

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When I focus on my inner light I see the world through the lens of love.

Tapping helps quiet the noise of anxiety and lets me redirect my focus and how I perceive the world. It empowers me to let the light back in. 

Practice the tapping technique in this episode daily for 30 days and I have no doubt you will experience measurable relief. 

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This podcast is intended to educate, inspire, and support you on your personal journey towards inner peace. I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.