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You know those people who light up a room the moment they walk in the door? 

That’s my friend Jesse Itzler. 

This guy is so awesome! He only eats fruit until noon, loves Run-D.M.C., and enjoys living life out of the box. Actually, he doesn’t even have a box. Jesse is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author of Living With a SEAL and the only guy I know who runs 100 miles for fun. Though his self-proclaimed greatest accomplishment is super dad. 

I met Jesse in my early 20s through a mutual friend (a funny story we share on the pod). His first impression certainly made an impact—and you’ll see why. 

What I love most about Jesse, and why I knew I had to have him on Dear Gabby, is that he’s an extreme optimist. His optimism is the key to his successes personally and professionally. “I’m not going to look at the tough stuff, but I’m going to see the opportunity in all of it,” says Jesse. 

In this episode, we talked about everything from family to diet to channeling our grandmothers. But the one thing that we most share in common is our secret superpower for success: optimism! 

if you know what you want in life, you can manifest anything you put your mind to

Jesse is a living example of that. 

listen to this episode to hear:
  • Ways to prevent regret (and my personal story of regret)
  • 3 secrets to lasting marriages (hint: communication) 
  • Real talk on parenting and connecting with your kids
  • How tough times are the catalyst for major up-leveling 
  • How to channel a voice of inspiration 
  • The true definition of success
  • The importance of alone time and self-prioritization
  • The empowering way Jesse ends his day
  • A quick tip on keeping your friendships strong

Yes, his bio is impressive, but when I think of Jesse Itzler, I think about his magical ability to stay optimistic, hopeful and fun, no matter what! Listen today for an instant mood boost and enjoy this Big Talk. 

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