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“I have been the self-help queen since I was young,” Maria Menounos told me during our Big Talk. She admitted to trying everything out of a desire to achieve peace, happiness and control. Relatable!

Maria has found happiness, but it didn’t unfold until she employed a strategy that she had resisted for a long time.

I’m so grateful to Maria for joining me this week. She was incredibly vulnerable and brave, sharing really raw, personal elements of her journey. These qualities are exactly why I’m proud to call her a good friend, and why I wanted to have her on the podcast.

why your transformation efforts haven’t been working

The desire to transform your life usually stems from a misalignment between your expectations and your current circumstances. It is grounded in boredom, frustration or simply a desire for fundamental happiness.

Ask 100 people how to transform your life and you’ll probably get 100 different answers, ranging from moving to a different country to overhauling your diet to divorcing your spouse. 

The problem: All of those—and many other strategies aimed at transformation—are drastic and rely on external changes. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Wherever you go, there you are”? It’s true. Relocation isn’t an antidote to discontent, and neither are other moves that mask what you really need to look at.

So what does work? We get into it—and Maria shares her #1 tip for true transformation. 

in this episode, Maria and I talk about:

  • The phrase Maria will never say again, after someone called her on it
  • The strategy Maria tried that she says inspired her husband to ask, “Who are you and what aliens took my wife?!”
  • What it takes to finally trust yourself
  • How I fit my transformation strategy into a busy life (something Maria may need now that she’s a mom too!)

Maria has achieved enormous success while facing serious adversity—including surviving a brain tumor and enduring a long and difficult road to motherhood, at the same time she took on being a supportive caregiver to her beloved parents during her mother’s catastrophic illness. 

the common threads that connect individual struggles

Maria is a source of inspiration for me. And though there are things she’s been through that I can’t fathom, there are elements of her experiences—grief, hope, frustration, joy, forgiveness, trauma, love—that resonate with me and with all of us. 

Another universal thread that connects us: If you landed here and you’re part of the Dear Gabby community, you want to be empowered to make positive changes in your life. 

This episode is a great place to start. 

I can’t wait for you to listen—I know you’ll love Maria as much as I do.

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I always trust the direction of the universe and know I'm being guided.

Taking a spiritual trustfall can be a little daunting, but it gets less scary the more you surrender to it. You don’t even need to believe in a higher power or spirit guides (great, if you do!) in order to be guided. The Universe has no ego, but it always has your back! 

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  • Maria Menounos is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, TV personality, actress, motivational speaker, New York Times bestselling author, former pro wrestler, and digital entrepreneur whose many accolades include conducting the only sit-down interview with the Obama family, being the youngest host of Entertainment Tonight and wrestling at Wrestlemania. As host of the Noovie cinema preshow, Maria is the most watched female in movie theaters, and she also hosts the podcast Heal Squad x Maria Menounos.

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