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what are spirit guides? and how do I connect with mine?

I got chills recording this podcast, and I have chills now just writing about it. I love this topic so much, and I can tell you do too; every time this topic comes up on my blogs, podcast, YouTube channel or any other forum, there are so many people weighing in and asking questions.

What are spirit guides?

How do you know if you have a spirit guide?

How can you connect with your spirit guides?

I’m breaking it all down in this episode. I also talk to some of my lovely listeners to answer their questions about spirit guides. I know you’ll be able to relate to a lot of what they’re wondering about.

Plus, you have to hear the story of how I know for sure that my beloved grandmother Fritzie (a.k.a. Grammy) is one of my spirit guides. It’s wild—and I have witnesses who can attest to what happened!

Long story short (er, medium), I left town to lead a workshop right as Grammy was approaching the end of her life. I was all set to leave, and I suddenly felt the need to meditate. It was an unusually powerful session, and I felt myself physically raising my arms to the sky as if I was sending someone off. Almost immediately after that, I received a call from my mother. 

“Grammy left her body,” she said. 

“I know,” I replied. “I helped her.”

That experience gave me so much peace. But I was still looking for a sign that she had crossed over successfully and was doing well. A while later, I was hanging out with my girlfriends when one of them asked me to choose a tarot card from her new deck. I wasn’t in the mood, but she insisted—and another girlfriend said, “I’ll pick a card for Gabby.”

She chose one, and her face went white. “Yep, this is definitely for you,” she said, turning the card to face me.

The card depicted an elderly woman crossing over a bridge, with the words, “Grandmother ensures safe crossing.” 

There I go, chills again.

I know for sure Grammy is one of my spirit guides. I feel her presence. And I’m so grateful for her.

When we allow the presence of a spiritual guidance system beyond our physical reality, we’re given courage and strength that we couldn’t access on our own.

in this episode, I’ll share:
  • How to find out if you have spirit guides.
  • Specific strategies for connecting with your spirit guides
  • What to expect when you connect with your spirit guides and how to handle the big emotions that might come up
  • How to confront fear that you’ll connect with a negative spirit

I’ll also tell you about one of the first times I recognized the power of a spirit guide—when it literally guided me in a bookstore. And of course, you’ll hear more about Grammy!

There is so much peace and reassurance that comes with opening your heart to spirit guides, and I want that for you. I’m so glad you’re going to have a listen. This one’s worth it.

If you knew who walked beside you on the path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.

-Wayne W. Dyer
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