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how to boost confidence

Want to boost your confidence? I’ve got your back. But first, I have a story … about a time when I wasn’t feeling so confident.

My toes were merlot and my hands were matte orange. My nails were a nightmare … and I was freaking out. Like, really freaking out.

Here I was, a self-help author, having a meltdown at the nail salon.

So I did what I do best. I called on my spiritual and therapeutic tools, and came back home to myself.

Using a practice from IFS therapy, I tapped into the part of myself that was feeling disconnected.

I noticed how I felt in my body, and became curious about the feelings and sensations. I asked, What do you need?

My inner voice spoke up: I’m Gabby at six years old. My pigtails have bumps and it’s triggering me. I feel out of control because things are imperfect.

And then, more quietly, the voice said: I need to be seen by you right now.

Want to hear more about this topic? Then press play!

spiritual soothing to boost your confidence

Today’s bonus episode of the Dear Gabby podcast is a live talk I gave about confidence. (This is a talk I gave for the students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.)

One of the biggest blocks to confidence is our need to be seen. So I’ll help you dismantle that block, step-by-step. Just press play.

in today’s episode you’ll learn:
  • How to tap into the part of you that needs to be seen and help that part relax (this is a meditative exercise you can do along with me)
  • Why being imperfect is your superpower (it helped me write 9 bestselling books in 11 years)
  • How to become so moved by your message that your message will move the masses
  • A meditation you can use to cultivate a feeling of confidence … and manifest new opportunities!
  • The five-word mantra that helped me overcome the most devastating experience of my life (I would be honored if you use this mantra too)

my hardest lesson

In this talk I spoke about the power of sharing a message that moves you.

I went on to share one of my own most deeply personal stories, and I’d like to share it with you here.

I want to warn you that this is a story about my pregnancy loss. It’s a tough story to tell, but there’s also so much grace in it.

The moral of this story is: Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’d be honored if you read it.

don’t sweat the small stuff

After years of trying for a second baby, my husband and I got a perfect embryo boy. He was tested. He was perfect. I got pregnant, and I carried this baby for five and a half months.

Then at my 20-week scan, I noticed the nurse’s face get really anxious. Then all these other nurses and doctors started walking into the room, and they looked at the scans. My baby was alive, but he just wasn’t growing. He wasn’t getting what he needed.

So I went ahead and did the things we had to do.

I went to the hospital and had a D&E. Walking down the corridor with the doctor and the nurse, I just fell into their arms.

I had to get through that period. And I walked through that first week with a lot of grace.

Your willingness to be imperfect is your superpower.


lean into faith

In the second week, when the procedure was done, I was back home holding my three-year-old in my arms.

And I sat there in my kitchen and I thought to myself, Wow, Gabby! You’ve been counseling women on this exact issue for a decade. And here you are standing in the truth of what you preach, standing in the truth of what you have been cultivating for 16 years.

My faith held me like a pillow. It lifted me up. My faith brought me back to life. It gave me the strength to know that my son Owen came into my body for five and a half months to know what it was like to be loved by me, and to teach me a really important lesson:

don’t sweat the small stuff

boost your confidence by knowing this…

So whenever I notice myself freaking out about my nails or freaking out about a delayed flight, I say, Owen. I’m going to give this tool to you.

I would be honored if you used his name.

When you notice yourself sweating the small stuff, just say his name. Let my son Owen be a gentle reminder to you that there’s so much grace when we let go. There’s so much grace when we allow.

And in the presence of that faith and that knowing, you can establish an extraordinary confidence in who you are.

You can have great confidence in knowing that you can get through anything.

You can have confidence in knowing that humans have resilience beyond all measure.

Allow my story to be a message for you: That level of confidence is totally available to you.

You have it within you to bring forth everything that’s inside of you. And I hope this talk inspires you to do just that.

get more gabby
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