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how to think more positively and free yourself from what’s holding you back

Everyone at this Dear Gabby Live session in Sydney walked away better equipped to cope with anxiety, grief and fear. They walked away with the power of positive thinking. They walked away better able to attract their deepest desires and manifest their dreams. You can feel their energy shifting through this podcast, and you can learn the same things I taught them. I told this audience, “You can’t heal what you can’t reveal.” And they revealed all.

I think you’ll feel my energy, too. Why? Here’s the truth: I’m living a life way beyond my wildest dreams. 

And that’s not just the dreams I had as a child or a teenager, or even as a younger adult.

I’m living a life way beyond the wildest dreams I had for myself just a few short years ago.

People on my Dear Gabby Live tour who have seen me before keep telling me that they see the difference in me. There’s a major shift in the freedom I show up with—in my body, in my mind and my voice. And I can feel it. I feel new.

A few years ago, most people would have said I was successful. I’d been on Oprah. I’d become a bestselling author and I had an amazing following of wonderful people. But I was still struggling. I was still suffering.

Offstage, despite my success as an entrepreneur, I was manifesting a lot of scary stuff—horrible physical discomfort, debilitating anxiety, relationship issues—you name it. 

I wasn’t able to heal until I learned the insights and strategies I share in this podcast.

why our unconscious struggles lead to addiction and getting stuck

Multiple audience members at this recording had questions that fit perfectly with this paradox: How do you manifest your dreams and attract your desires when you’re deep in the middle of a sh*tstorm of pain and struggle? How do you harness the power of positive thinking amid terrible circumstances?

I believe that struggle and progress/success aren’t mutually exclusive. You can move toward your dreams while you’re struggling. If we all waited until everything was perfect before we moved forward, we’d never move forward. 

Want to know the trick? Here’s a Dear Gabby truth bomb moment:

You can’t step around or over struggle and suffering.


You can’t be free of struggle and suffering by suppressing or numbing it. Stop trying.

You might know that on an intellectual level, but do you believe it? Do you act in alignment with it?

So many of us, consciously or unconsciously, attempt to suppress, surmount, numb or fight through pain—emotional or physical. We’re taught to get over it, to deny it or to numb it. Our culture is uncomfortable with discomfort. But that leads us to do the opposite of what we should do, which is to face discomfort head on.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy teaches us that our struggles and suffering do not define us as a whole, but rather represent our wounded inner parts—our unhealed trauma. While we think we’re solving problems by turning to alcohol, food, TV or other distractions, we’re really letting the problems fester. We are told to “think positive,” but we don’t know what that really means. Those problems show up as physical pain and discomfort, illness, anxiety, struggles at work and with our partners and friends, addiction—all things I’ve faced before understanding that I can’t get over, deny or numb my pain.

Instead, I need to address it. And once you learn how, it will change your life.

in this bonus episode, I’ll share:

  • The exact 3 steps you need to take to address your wounded inner parts
  • How to deal with your pain and struggle without suppressing, distracting or numbing
  • How to authentically think more positively and harness the power of positive thinking without sugarcoating
  • How to know if you’re unconsciously manifesting physical issues, and what to do about it
  • How to manage high-stakes life decisions without panic
  • How to get unstuck from anxiety, fear and grief 

That’s a lot, right? I took so many questions during this Q&A that we went almost an hour over our scheduled time. But I have zero regrets. This audience was so vulnerable and shared so many deeply personal but very common concerns, fears and struggles. The energy in the room was incredible. It was so bright with possibility and positive thinking—authentic positive thinking.

I was vulnerable, too. The podcast editor had to do a lot of bleeping to keep this from being NSFW, and I shared why my publishers were so nervous about my previous book, Happy Days. I also shared some sneak peeks of my upcoming book, Self Help, and talked about my VERY exciting upcoming app launch.

I wish you had been there in the audience with me! But I know this episode will make it feel like you were right there in Sydney. You can breathe with us, manifest with us, pray with us and heal with us.

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